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Japan Roads in the News

Japan Roads was started as an extension of Japanese Guest Houses which is a Japanese Inn (ryokan) reservation service. It is our belief that Japanese inns represent the best of what Japan has to offer. Japanese Guest Houses is based in Kawanishi, Japan (just outside of Osaka) and is a registered travel agent in Japan (Hyogo Prefecture Travel Agent License Number 3-609). Now we want to help travelers go deeper into the diverse Japanese culture and better understand it by creating tours that allow travelers to experience Japan and get off the beaten track.

Below are a few links to newspaper and magazines articles where Japan Roads and Japanese Guest Houses have been mentioned.

Recommend (travel agents' trade magazine)

Newsweek (USA)


The Times (London)

Telegraph (UK)

The Guardian (UK)

Some of these are about our sister service known as Japanese Guest Houses

You can see pictures of our staff at Japan Roads at http://JapanRoads.com/staff.htm

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