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Cultural Diversity Tour - Kansai

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Himeji - Feudal Japan and UNESCO World Heritage Site of Himeji Castle
Ieshima Island - Rural Japan on an island fishing village
Osaka - Modern Japan with a long history in commerce
Mt Koya - Spiritual Japan on a holy Buddhist mountain also a World Heritage Site
Kameoka - Rural Japan at a home-stay in a small town
Kyoto - Imperial Japan in a city founded in 794 AD with 17 World Heritage Sites

Japan is a land of vast cultural diversity with ultra-modern cities, sparsely populated fishing islands, Buddhist mountain sanctuaries, feudal castles and cultural arts. Japan Roads Cultural Diversity Tour of the Kansai area will allow you to experience Japan unlike any other tour. Since this is a private tour which includes only your friends, family, and a tour guide, we will travel according to your schedule.

Itinerary Details:

Day 1 - Himeji - Hotel
Welcome to Japan! Upon exiting Passport Controls you will be met by your tour leader and taken by public transportation to your hotel in Himeji. Dinner is on your own at a local restaurants.
Accommodation: Hotel Nikko Himeji (or similar)

Day 2 - Himeji - Hotel
After breakfast your guide meet you in the lobby of your hotel and you will start your exploration. In the morning will visit Himeji Castle and then in the afternoon you will take a boat with your guide to Ieshima Island in the Seto Inland Sea for a late lunch. In the evening you are free to eat at a local restaurant.

Day 3 - Osaka - Hotel
After breakfast your guide will take you to Osaka and discover this city of merchants.
Accommodation: Swissotel Nankai (or similar)

Day 4 - Mt Koya - Shukubo (Buddhist Temple Lodging)
Today your guide will take you to the spiritual side of Japan and Mt Koya where you will be treated to an authentic Shojin-Ryori dinner served by the monks.
Accommodation: Shojoshin-in Temple Lodging (or similar)

Day 5 - Kameoka - Home Stay
You will leave Mt Koya, taking bus then a cable car and finally a train to Kameoka with your tour leader. You will be met at Kameoka station by your home stay family and driven to their home in the rural Japan. After a break and time to explore your new surroundings you will have a chance to learn about Japanese cooking with your host family. Then it is time to eat, talk and enjoy. In the evening you are free to wander about the village until your bath is ready.

Day 6 - Kameoka - Home Stay
In the morning you will have a home made breakfast and then explore your home stay family's village with them. Since they are local you will have access to activities normally not available to tourist. Depending on your tastes you can visit a potter, a sake brewery, local temples and shrines or farms. It is really up to you and your family will be their with you. Lunch will be at a local restaurant and in the evening you will have another home cooked dinner followed by a relaxing bath.

Day 7 - Kyoto - Ryokan (Japanese Inn)
After breakfast with your host family you will be taken to Kameoka Station and then travel to Kyoto Station. In Kyoto you will be met by your tour leader and taken to your Japanese ryokan to drop off your bags. You will then start to explore Japan's most traditional city with your tour leader. Your tour leader will create a custom plan for you depending on your tastes. In the evening you will have a formal multi-course Kaiseki dinner in your ryokan.
Accommodation: Motonago Ryokan (or similar)

Day 8 & 9 - Kyoto - Ryokan (Japanese Inn)
Each morning you will have breakfast at your ryokan and will head out with your tour leader to explore Kyoto. Because there is so much to see and do in this ancient city and since tastes are different from one traveler to an other we leave your sightseeing itinerary up to your guide based on your personal tastes.

Day 10 - Home
Today you will say "Jamata" (until we see you again) to Japan and head to the airport on your own. You will take with you many photos, memories and experiences that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Tour Accommodation:
Throughout the tour you will have a chance to stay at a Buddhist temple, a traditional Japanese inn (ryokan), a typical Japanese home and Western style hotels. By carefully choosing such a variety of accommodations, Japan Roads aims to give you a deeper insight into life in Japan. The intimate accommodation will allow you to have close personal contact with the owners and staff of these places.

To make sure you get the most of your Japan experience, Japan Road tours offer a wide variety of Japanese cuisine to enjoy. You will have the chance to eat local specialties in small Japanese diners and sample some of the more 'refined' Japanese cuisine. During your stay on Mount Koya, you will receive 'shojin-ryori', a vegetarian Buddhist meal and in Himeji, you will be served a full course seafood meal. In Kyoto, you will have the opportunity to try 'kyoryori', a full-course traditional Kyoto-style dinner consisting of a number of skillfully prepared seasonal dishes. At the Japanese home in Kameoka, your host will prepare you two home-cooked Japanese-style breakfasts and dinners. You will have plenty of opportunity to talk to your hostess about the food and how it is prepared.

Tour Guidance:
The tour combines the comfort of an organized tour while still offering you the freedom to explore by yourself. In Himeji and Kameoka, you will be escorted by our local Japanese liaisons. Fluent English-speakers and experts in their field, they will be glad to give you an insight into the local history and people. On Mount Koya and in Kyoto you will be assisted by a tour leader who will assist you with travel details like hotel check-ins and train schedules and will generally make sure that your trip goes smoothly.

This 10 day tour begins and ends in Japan.


If you have any questions or if you are ready
to make a reservation please Contact Us or call at +1-248-747-4048

American Society of Travel Agents MemberJapan Travel SpecialistJapan Endless Discovery

Tour schedules are subject to change.
If any changes should be made it will be done in the best interest of the travelers.
Japan Roads will at all times aim to offer you the most interesting tour possible.

Open - Private Tour
Prices 2015
US$ 4,250 per guest Tour prices include all accommodations, meals as listed below, transportation to and from destinations and while with your international liaison, travel leader, and cultural liaisons in Himeji and Kameoka.
Meals Included
Breakfasts: 9
Lunches: 2
Dinners: 4
10 days
Tour Leader through out the tour
Cultural Liaison in Himeji and Kameoka
Overnight stay at a mountain temple, Himeji Castle, home-stay with a Japanese family, Kyoto, close contact with the Japanese throughout the entire tour.
Modes of Travel
Train ('Shinkansen' bullet train and local trains), bus, boat and on foot.
Group Size
Minimum of 2 guests
Age Restrictions
Participants must be at least 12 years old. Anyone under 20 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Guest Comments
"It was great for me as a person who had never been to Japan to have so much packed into a few days. I really felt that I got a feel for the country and its culture and people. It was great also to feel that one was in the hands of such well informed and generous guides.

The way in which Fukiko and Takeo looked after us was better than we could ever have expected. they went out of their way to make sure that we enjoyed every element of the tour whilst in their company. They were well informed and sensitive and made the holiday what it was. One particular personal kindness shown to me by Takeo will always stay in my mind. We could not have asked for better."
-- Sakai and Davies, Cardiff, UK

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